Render/Wall Cleaning Service

Render Cleaning by Certified Trained Professionals

Whatever colour your buildings render is, it can be safely cleaned by our experienced team based in Meath. Any brand of render can be cleaned including K–Rend, Webber, Monocouche, Sto, Parex in fact any type of through coloured render can have ugly stains and moulds removed.


Which Type of Render Buildings Cleaned?


  • Apartments
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Leisure and Retail


They can all have clean, fresh looking render.

Why does wall render present problems today?

In the past three decades or so self-finished renders have become popular. Architects liked the variety of finishes they offered – smooth, textured, mica sparkles, and colour pebbles to name a few – that were not so easy to obtain with paint. Householders liked them because of their easy, low maintenance. They need no painting, just a light clean every now and again. Builders liked them because there was no more hanging around waiting for paint to cure before completing the building.


Unfortunately, largely because introducing modern wall insulation that has reduced the amount of heat moving through the walls. This has led to a build up of biological growth on the walls, mainly red, black, and green algae.


Previously, the heat coming through the walls dried the render and so microbial growth, which likes damp conditions, was considerably less. This meant that walls now acquire very bad coloured staining from the algae, meaning that they need to be cleaned with high-quality biocide much more frequently – usually every three years or so.